10 Exciting Details About Obsidian’s Grounded 

Obsidian Entertainment is best known for its work on RPGs such as Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds, but recently the team has been working hard on something completely new: a survival game in which you are the size of a bug. We spent a day in Obsidian checking out the game and left with this list of 10 reasons why you should be excited about this original project.

Look at the world from a different perspective

Grounding is set up in an Earth-like environment, but you are the size of an error, so everything looks incredibly different from the earth. Tiny bugs become scary animals, and small pieces of garbage become potential shelters.

Create new technology

As in most survival games, you start the game with scarce supplies, but by collecting branches and pebbles, you can create homemade weapons, huts and other useful tools. For example, juice can be combined with branches to create torches, and exoskeletons of insects can be used to make armor.

Humorous story

When the game begins, you are reduced to the size of an ant to conduct several scientific experiments. But a surprise! Everything is deteriorating rapidly, and you cannot return to your normal size. An evil robot will lead you through the early hours and help you survive the night, but we suspect that more is happening with this nameless bot than it seems at first glance. Ultimately, Gounded offers an easy and fun story.

Co-op for four players

Grounded allows you to choose one of four different characters: Max, Willow, Pete and Hoops. All four characters have the same skills and abilities, but players can invite their real friends into their game to help build camps and destroy hostile creatures such as spiders.

Simulated world

Earthed is a simulated world, which means that other insects and critters in your yard will continue to live, even if they are not visible. When they are nearby, you can watch the bugs hunt and fight with each other. In addition, as players hunt and collect trash, they can create food shortages that cause fluctuations in the ecosystem.

Things grow with time

To compensate for the greedy scavengers, all plants in the Grounded state gradually grow over time, so if you return to the old area after a long break, it may again feel like new.

Play first or third person

Is it really that exciting? I dont know. You tell me? But I did not know where else to put this little fact.

Light RPG elements

Obsidian did not delve into RPG systems, but promised that players would evolve and evolve over time with the game. As you level up, you will unlock new levels of the technology tree.

Variety of biomes

We only saw the starting zone during our preview, but Obsidian promises that there will be a wide variety of environments in the final game. The opening area looks like a traditional grass lawn, but there will be more locals in the final game. This is just an assumption, but in the final game there may be small puddles that look like lakes or sandboxes that resemble huge deserts.

Flexible evolving design

One neat aspect of Gounded is that Obsidian has kept its team size for about a dozen people. This allowed the studio to experiment wildly with the game. Obsidian plans to maintain a small team size so that they can continue to experiment with design during the early access period. In general, this means that the Gounded team must be incredibly agile and able to respond quickly to player feedback when they implement new ideas.

Obsidian plans to release Gounded at the start of spring access on Xbox One and PC; the game will also become part of the Microsoft Pass subscription, so you don’t have to wait long to check out this unique project.


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