49 top games in soft launch: From Marvel Super War and Disney Sorcerer’s Arena to Minecraft Earth and Tetris Royale

Developer: NCSoft
Where: Netherlands, Denmark. Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and Norway
Platforms: iOS and Android
Live since: September 27, 2018
Updates: (11) August 11, 2019

Soon after its popular Lineage franchise hit mobile devices, the publisher quickly made a spin.

Called Lineage II: Dark Legacy, it is changing its MMORPG basics with crawling dungeon-centered experience, with 100 floors that need to be sifted for mining and looting.

If PVP is greater than your speed, RPG also comes with a siege mode, where you will be instructed to penetrate your enemy’s defenses and invade his castle.

Of course, there are customization options to make sure your own castle doesn't suffer such a fate, from electrifying the Shock Cannons to piercing ballista.

War, however, is rarely won only by technical means, and mercenaries can also be recruited for your various purposes, with the improvement of their skills. Such villains as fights include regulars on the TV shows Night Shilen, Abyss Walker, Spellsinger, and Tyrant.

The seventh update brought a whole host of new content, including a battle update, a new mana system, a new chapter on Training Island, and a new Code of Mercenaries.

In the 10th update, in-game reward notifications were added for new members of the clan, improved bug fixes related to loading, batch management, auto-battle and general problems with the user interface.

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