Cloud-based games service AirConsole raises $3 million | Pocket

Cloud gaming service Airconsole raised $ 3 million in a round of financing of a series A.

The technology turns any laptop or AndroidTV into a game console with smartphones as a gamepad.

The investment in a Zurich-based technology firm was led by Ringier Digital Ventures with new clients such as the Swiss Founding Fund, EquityPitcher Ventures and Alpana Ventures.

The funds raised will be used to develop the AirConsole game library, as well as to develop partnerships with television operators and manufacturers around the world.

Founded in 2015 by former Google tech leader Andrin von Rechenberg, more than 4,000 developers worldwide have co-created games that have been published on AirConsole and are claimed to be played by more than five million players from more than 190 countries.

“Fantastic opportunity”

“We have developed an ultra-low latency mechanism: input arrives faster than the computer can draw the next frame, for example, Reaction in games is instant, which is especially important in fast games like car racing,” said von Rechenberg.

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Ringier Digital Ventures Chairman Thomas Kaiser added: “Digital casual games are a huge trend all over the world, and set-top box operators are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and stay relevant.”

“AirConsole is a fantastic opportunity for these partners to enable AirConsole game publishers to increase the reach of their games.”

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