GI Show – Stadia, X019, Shenmue III, & GOTY Conversations Pt. 2

In this week’s release of The Game Informer Show's podcast, we’re doing everything we can to keep things moving and stay on track. In all likelihood, we are not coping with these tasks. The show begins with Brian Shea and Ben Reeves when we discuss Stadia and the recent Microsoft X019 event. Leo Vader joins us throughout the episode, trying his best to surpass us from his command station in the box.

Andy Reiner and Ben Reeves join me to share their impressions of Shenmue III before we start endless chats. Speaking of …

In this community email segment this week, Joe Juba, Alex Stadnik and Dan “The Jacket” Tack answer questions about what defines an independent game, talk about the technical issues of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and how they will affect his chance as the Game of the Year and, finally, we have been talking for too long about the 5 best lists that you will not want to miss. (There is also some interesting news that you can ruin here.)

And finally, I'm sitting with Kim Wallace, Brian Shea, Joe Juba and Leo Vader to hear their thoughts on what games they consider ready for the game of the year. This segment will work until the end of the year, as every week we invite new editors to talk about the games that influenced their year ahead of the Top 50 Game Informer in 2019.

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We thank the talented Super Marcato brothers for the opening song of The Game Informer Show. You can hear more of their original tunes and amazing video game music podcast on their website.

To jump to a specific point in the discussion, see the timestamps below.

6:28 – Stadia and X019
28:25 – X019
29:46 – Everwild
33:33 – grounded
44:19 – Bleeding Edge
48:46 – Age of Empires
59:23 – Shenmue III
1:15:38 – Community Letters
2:17:44 – Game Chats of the Year 2 – Kim Wallace, Joe Juba and Brian Shea


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