New Gameplay Today – Diablo IV's Druid Class

Today we are ending the series of videos dedicated to each of the announced Diablo IV classes. We have already covered the barbarian and the sorceress, and now we are turning our attention to the druid. This returning favorite can offer a lot of new things, especially his ability to instantly turn from a person into a werewolf into a werewolf. Good. You do not trust me? Watch this video!

The three of us played demos at Blizzard offices during our visit to the cover of Diablo IV, and we did something a little different for this. Instead of tackling each of the three announced characters in the game, we all chose a druid. Expect a lot of transformations, riding boulders and a storm call.

Enjoy the video and we will be back this Wednesday with the gameplay of the world boss from Diablo IV. Otherwise, click on the banner below to check other content in our Blizzard release:


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