Replay – Brütal Legend and The Turkey of Christmas Past

Still craving for a healthy serving of turkey after the holiday? Prefer Black Saturday to Black Friday? Well, treats await you this week.

First of all, at Replay, Andrew Reiner and the gang will present you the festive classics in the game style of The Turkey of Christmas Past. Looking at Tom de Cote, our furry friend must meet his ferocious feathered enemies before they ruin Christmas.

Later, we plunge into the underrated gem Double Fine, Brütal Legend, and break through the eternal metal hellish landscape, killing every demon in sight.

If you enjoyed this week’s episode, be sure to tune in every Friday at 14:00 Central for a live Replay broadcast. Be sure to also subscribe to YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, or Facebook to receive notifications when we live every week! Thanks and enjoy the show!


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