Sparklite Preview — The Culmination of A Dream In The Indie Scene

For Red Blue Games co-founders Edward and Lucas Rowe, game development has always been linked to their indescribable relationship as twin brothers.

“We would do Paper Mario levels on paper reels,” Lucas recalls with a smile.

“We took these reels of paper, took them from both ends and drew until you meet in the middle and you have peace,” adds Edward. “We will fight with stick figures, where each of us will draw a picture, and you will add it one at a time, and you will fight each other, adding a picture.”

Ever since they were kids, Edward and Lucas have always been creating games together, whether on paper reels, using HyperCard on Mac Plus, or creating the Dungeons & Dragons game, using a bit more than just the Lego kit and their creativity. Games became a passion that they both knew was to become part of their future.

“Our childhood theme is entertainment for us, making games for each other,” says Lucas.

Games are things that deepened their connection, but as the couple got older and their programming skills grew, the two were keen on creating together to pursue a career in programming and families. This was until 2013, when the brothers finally decided that it was time to take a decisive step and return to their love of creating games.

“We reached a point where we were both ready, and I feel that there is a window in your life when you can do something like this, and that window was open,” says Lucas. “We knew it would close soon, so we took the opportunity when we could.”

This brings us to Sparklite, the duo's first major release on the indie scene. The adventure game contains great visual effects and a unique soundtrack, the corresponding story and the main character, as well as a game cycle that will appeal to everyone who is familiar with the genre. The Rowe brothers are sure they can make a splash with Sparklite.


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