Super Mario Maker 2 Adds Link As A Playable Character

Nintendo Announces Its Big Ver. Update 2.0.0 for Super Mario Maker 2. Although many expected to create a new stage theme inside, Nintendo instead surprised players with new elements, a new acceleration-oriented mode, and an unexpected new game character from one of Nintendo's other flagship franchises.

The biggest addition in the new update is the Master Sword enhancement, which adds Link from the Legend of Zelda series as a game character. Instead of a simple cosmetic transformation, as was the case with Super Mario Maker’s first Mystery Mushroom, the Master’s Sword actually turns Mario and his friends into Link, complete with his arsenal of weapons. Link can attack enemies with his sword, detonate obstacles with a bomb, aim and shoot with a bow, and even reflect objects with his shield. Unfortunately, just like the Mystery Mushroom costumes in the first game, Link is the exclusive theme of Super Mario Bros. one.

For a more traditional experience with Super Mario Maker, Ver. 2.0.0 also adds several stage elements to the scene creation kit. The update adds frozen coins that can be thawed with various fire elements, and a P-block that can be made invisible or visible by pressing P-Switch. Spike, the enemy throwing spike, and Pokey, the walking cactus, also join the villains library to add to the scenes. Finally, those who create the Super Mario 3D World theme can use the new Dash Blocks to give players a sudden boost in speed.

The latest addition to this update is the Ninji Speedruns, which provide scheduled players with challenging online competitive courses. These stages were created by Nintendo and show the runs of other players along with your passage in the form of Ninja Ghosts. The purpose of this mode is that players will see how other players approach stages, learn from their ghosts and improve their own results. Having cleared these courses, you earn stamps that can be exchanged for Mii gaming suits. Each Ninji Speedrun event lasts about a week, and new modes are introduced as this mode works. Even after the course has moved away from the event, players can still play them along with the Ninja Ghosts. While Ninji debuted in the Super Mario Bros. series. 2, there are no other hints of this favorite game in Super Mario Maker 2.

You can see all these new elements and functions in action through the official trailer below.

Ver. Update 2.0.0 is available free of charge for all players starting December 5th.


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