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Surviving a journey is a big part of what Death Stranding is, brave players to keep their balance and withstand BT attacks to deliver a precious load. Here are some helpful tips to help you get the job done.

Supplies and World

Deliveries and travels along the open road

  • Even menacing-looking mountains can be crossed by zigzag climbing up (even on a bicycle) and setting up a ladder here and there (for example, to scale steep snowy landscapes).
  • Often next to the node lies at least several packages that must be delivered back to this node. This is an easy way to get some likes from a site with relatively little effort or traveling long distances.
  • Before you leave the site to make delivery, check the weather forecast and the presence of any players online with signs regarding the potential activity of BT. If this looks relatively clear, you can skip taking grenades against BT and thus gain less weight from the very beginning. This gives you more freedom of movement and the ability to take on a vagrant load.
  • Before crossing the river, ping your Odradek. He will tell you the depth of the river (blue, yellow, red) and, if there are any amazing drops (red), where you could take a decisive step. Also, go up against the current holding the triggers to prevent downstream displacement.
  • Create specific preppers to get certain types of items. Drugs such as the Engineer can provide valuable items, such as skeletons, that give you stability, speed, and strength. Like what did you get from a particular prepper? Be sure to get the maximum rating to get the best products and gifts.
  • Some shipping orders require you to deliver multiple batches of the same material. Check the “Order Details” tab, because often you can deliver only part of the cargo and still get a decent reward. This allows you to continue completing the mission without having to carry, for example, all 12 boxes of the order.
  • Be sure to build battery charging stations and roads on the road (take PCC blocks at the beginning of your journey). Some routes are well-traveled, and you will need the infrastructure for subsequent deliveries.



  • When you have all the equipment for the trip, be sure to click the triangle to automatically sort the load in the best configuration so that your weight is distributed evenly. An exception is when you need to make sure that a particular order item lies or is in your hand, for example. Also keep in mind that items attached to your costume will not fall if you fall.
  • Spare private lockers with basic equipment such as stairs and anchors as you go. You can quickly move between nodes in the chiral network, but you cannot transport goods between them. Thus, if you quickly get to the place you were in before, you can make sure that you will have equipment in your personal locker, such as stairs and blood, when you get there.
  • Be sure to attach the blood bags to your service bag in the Cargo Management menu, and then go to the d-pad radial menu and set them to maintain a constant flow when you need them most in battle.
  • In general, most shipments require one ladder and one rope, and they give you enough space and weight to pick up cargo along the way.
  • Always check the general cabinet for an item before making the specified item. This will save the node from using resources.
  • Access to backpack mods, such as bags for additional equipment, is available in separate rooms, and not in the usual menu of nodes where you receive tasks and make equipment.

the battle

the battle

  • Odradek points and rotates in the general direction of BT activity.
  • During battles with BTs, I like to use grenades over cannons, because the radius of the grenade explosion removes BTs coming out of the ground. I aim it at my feet or wherever I go so that the radius of the explosion affects the maximum possible area. Different grenades have different effects, for example, hematics, which have a larger volume of smoke.
  • During major fights, I like to throw most of my equipment, which is not necessary for the fight (for example, ladders, PCC, etc.), so I have a place for blood and weapons that I will need during the fight itself. Other equipment can be picked up at the end of the battle.
  • Also, be sure to discard used equipment, such as ammunition from weapons or empty blood bags. This prevents overload during combat.
  • If your battle with BT aggravates, and you fall into a dirty river into a larger battle of BT, you do not need to defeat it directly. Keep moving and climbing buildings and stones, and you can survive long enough for it to disperse.
  • During battles with BT, I like to get out of the car that I drive, because BT will stop your car and in any case will pull you out (at this time you will drop your equipment). Thus, I am more prepared for an attack.
  • Many MULE camps can be run if you have enough stamina to keep puffing.

To learn more about the game, be sure to look at our review, as well as our conversation with the creator of Hideo Kojima himself.

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