Ukie grants membership to BGI and National Videogame Museum | Pocket

BGI Charity and its National Museum of Video Games are currently members UKIE,

As shown on his website, the trade organization has demonstrated its continued support for the gaming industry by offering membership in the BGI charity.

More than 450 interactive entertainment companies are part of Ukie.

This decision was due to the continuing difficulties faced by the gaming industry in obtaining public funding for cultural reasons.

“Games are culturally significant, and NVM plays an important role in their preservation and presentation to the public. His support demonstrates our long-term commitment to glorifying our industry culture, and we hope that it will gain momentum, ”said Ukie CEO Dr. Joe Twist.

"The struggle for public funding"

Ukie's chairman of the board, Stuart Dingsey, added: “We encourage companies and individuals to visit Sheffield and support our industry’s heritage as patrons or sponsors.

“Although we continue to fight for state funding for the game culture through our Next Level manifest, this sector can make a valuable contribution to preserving heritage in the coming years.”

Claire Boisier, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of BGI, concluded: “I am very excited about the opportunities that this deeper collaboration between Ukie and BGI opens up, and I look forward to working together on future initiatives.”

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