The Real Difference Between Ombre And Balayage Effect

We value the most what we don’t possess! And the same goes for our fantasies. Those big flattering words, which are easy to pronounce, always let our minds get deceived, and that’s where it hits the most. These are the marketing schemes, which you can learn from any capitalist. And they work in every segment of the market. For example, when you go to a salon for coloring your hairs, they hit you with some big words like Ombre, Auburn, Balayage, Footstorm, Flamboyage, etc. What they mean? Are they a trick to sell, or do they have any significance? In this article, we are about to cover the difference between ombre and balayage.

Difference between balayage and ombre

Both of these are hair dyeing techniques with a little difference. So without wasting any time, lets jump on the real difference between ombre and balayage effect.

What is Balayage?

You can understand it as freestyle coloring, where your hairs are the canvas. This method gives a sunkissed effect on your hair and an illusion of volume for thin hairs. It is much appreciated used by many in day-to-day life. Balayage effect is usually with the light shade of colors.

What is Ombre?

In French, ombre means “shadow.” It is an another hair illusion coloring effect, for providing your hairs with an extraordinary bewitching look. The ombre becomes visible by creating a shadow effect, so it starts with a dark shade from the roots to a delicate light color at the end. It have and sparkling and magnificent effect when done correctly.

Balayage Vs. Ombre

Now you know what the main difference between balayage and ombre is. If the question arises, which one is the best, then it cannot be settled. As both of them are unique in their way. 


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