Devolver Digital Announces Graffiti Tagging Game Sludge Life For Epic Games Store And Switch

Devolver Digital have Declared Sludge Life, Produced by Terri Vellmann (High Hell), and Doseone.

Briefly found in hidden pictures at Devolver Digital’s E3 2019 seminar, Sludge Life appears to be a morose spin on Jet Set Radio.

The world has been coated in a sludge that was filthy as a Result of this GLUG GHOST, and Business intends to become the graffiti tagger that is very best in their island full of men and women that are odd.

The game will have three endings, triumphed (from the game’s shop Description) to acquire rid of the island, be the ideal tagger, or “take it all down in flames together with you.

SLUDGE LIFE is a first-person / open-world Via a island full of idiots along with a vibe you can taste it.

Roam a island stuck onto a sludge coated planet Tagger GHOST put on staking their claim among the elite that was graffiti. Traverse the branded landscape, talk taggers , and find idiots and secrets .

Can you label each inch that is and become the king of the island, Infiltrate company GLUG to discover out a way, or simply take it down in flames with you?


Experience the joys of vandalism by the protection of your PC.
Curiosity and free are your sole motivators — roster as you please.
Locate and download programs to your notebook and waste away your life playing a match in a match.
Smoke Ciggy Cigs new smokes. * Take photographs of NPCs and forests.
Committed fart button.
A massive infant, neighborhood basketball court, and a cat with two buttholes.
Three different endings and a fairly robust credits.

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