Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Development Will Begin Immediately After Part 1 Launch

As a Movie of one of the most Treasured and highly regarded video games ever Produced, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is A game which millions are awaiting with expectation – but it is only likely to tell a portion of the narrative of the game, together with Square Enix planning instalments to retell the story.

The launch is the first of several – but long after its launching is?

While we do not have an answer for this however, that is known by us Growth will start.

Pre-production and early growth on the game has ever been going to get a while today.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase — that had been the director and author of this first FF7 — stated that Square Enix will start appropriate maturation of part two the moment the initial part has established, without any breaks in between.

Oddly enough, Kitase admits the possibility He May Be working on instalments of Final Fantasy 7 Remake to get The remainder of his career, but he is not fazed by that actuality.

He believes it”a very significant thing”, and states that it is something which must be completed to be able to respect the first game’s heritage.

Final Fantasy VII is a sport that, if it only stayed as the First, would be remembered as a thing and Folks would not be engaged with this.

I think to be able to be Something which continues followed closely and to be adored by generations As we are doing 11, We must keep updating it.

And in a Decade time, 20 years time, it might have to be carried out! Even if that really is actually the sole Thing I do in the remainder of my profession, I will not be let down.

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