Plague Survival Horror Pathologic 2 Is Coming To PS4

The gloomy, plague-themed survival match Pathologic two will be accessible for PS4 players out of Friday March 6, after originally publishing for PC and Xbox One final calendar year.

Despite The’two’ from the title is more of a reimagining of the first game and a lot less of a sequel. Produced by programmer Ice-Pick Lodge, the match is put together with the bleakness you could imagine from this setting, on the Steppe.

You perform as a physician failing, and trying, to save others And yourself from the grips of a plague. The game was made to be a disorienting experience, instead of a game.

Our overview of Pathologic two Known as the sport”alternately fascinating and off-putting; it brings you in with its eerie, dreamlike atmosphere and cast of eccentric characters, but it pushes you off with its nagging, mundane requirements.”

While it is not a match for Everybody, particularly given the Current condition of stress over our possible pandemic situation, Pathologic two is a strong horror game for People Who like the challenge of Survival –and today PS4 players may join in the fun.

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