PlatinumGames Fourth Big Announcement Is Not Too Far Away

Through the month of February, PlatinumGames Teased four statements.

Three of these are out in the wild, leaving one more waiting at the wings.

What it might be is anybody’s guess now.

The wait should not be a lengthy one. Actually, the show is very likely to surface.

Platinum’s Executive to Atsushi Inaba, Producer and director, teased the next announcement of the studio .

Interestingly, Inaba explained the new show is”not too much off.

Director Hideki Kamiya chimed in too, hinting that Platinum intends to unveil next will probably be a doozy.

These four statements all count as part of their studio’s Platinum 4 roll from information, which started a month with a striking site update.

The first of these shows saw Platinum launching a Kickstarter effort to get The Beautiful 101: Remastered.

Its meteoric success signifies that the remaster will hit store shelves May for its PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The unveiling of this Kamiya-led Project G.G. functions as Platinum’s second large show.

At the moment, details remain rare, though a mysterious teaser trailer traces at Kamiya’s bringing a different superhero narrative to life.

PlatinumGames Tokyo Is the latest and next statement.

This fresh group that is Tokyo-based Will play a part in the progression of service jobs that are live For the studio.

PlatinumGames Tokyo, which opens in April, is on board to create”more enjoyable jobs .

Platinum intends to employ at least 100 more programmers, including to its present workforce of approximately 240.

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