DaBaby performing onstage at 2019 Rolling Loud LA

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, better known as DaBaby (formerly Baby Jesus), is a rapper who becomes famous. Although he has not received a number 1 hit yet, he has five numbers in the top ten, and his number “BOP” came very close, making it number 2. Initially best known by rap fans, he has also received much attention from a wider audience, especially after his recent performance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

In addition to making headlines for his successes, he has also drawn the media attention to a series of arrests – one with an incident at a Walmart that has become fatal.

In which incident was DaBaby involved with a Walmart?

DaBaby | Scott Dudelson / Getty Images


In 2018, a simple trip to Walmart turned into a gripping incident for the rapper. DaBaby reports that he was looking for winter clothes for his baby with the mother of their child, their baby and her 5-year-old child, when two men flashed a gun at them. The confrontation ended when DaBaby shot and killed one of 19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig.

After the incident, DaBaby himself said that he had posted a video on his Instagram, in which he partially said “F *****” lawyers who told me nothing to say and that is damn good. Two ****** walk down on you and your entire m ********** family, threaten all of you, whip on all of you, *****, let me see what y also ‘all’. You feel me? “

After that video it seems that he has taken the advice of his lawyer and has not commented on the incident. In the aftermath of the legal proceedings, he was eventually accused of carrying a concealed firearm and was given a probationary period for one year without supervision. It is believed, although not reported, that Craig’s death was in fact considered self-defense because DaBaby was never charged.

DaBaby has had other provisions with the law

DaBaby’s charges for the Walmart incident were not the rapper’s first or last legal charges. He was recently detained in Miami, and news broadcasts report that he was interrogated in connection with a robbery. He went to social media again to share his opinion about the incident. In a series of Instagram photos, he wrote a long message to fans saying: “Do not allow yourself to be” lost in the sauce “or misinformed by the media.”

If we take a closer look, there is a lot of wrong information floating around. The “robbery” in question was not from a bank or a store, but from an iPhone and some money from a promoter allegedly paying DaBaby for his show. The theft was committed by a man with DaBaby (although DaBaby reportedly hit the promoter) and DaBaby was not subsequently arrested or charged after questioning.

He was also arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina just before Christmas for possession of marijuana, the last in several arrests of this nature that go back several years.

Continued success despite legal problems

DaBaby is not deterred by the problems in his personal life and continues to push himself to make better music. In a recent interview with The Guardian, he said: “I perform at a high level – (it’s about) how I can take it to another level. I don’t try to be complacent about my music or my performances. I have to keep it fresh and rock. ”

His latest album KIRK dropped to Billboard in November 2019 and critical success. Ken Tucker from NPR’s Fresh Air, wondered how DaBaby “is not afraid of being goofy” and called the album one of the best hip-hop albums of 2019. His songs have also inspired a large number of fan videos that dance along with his bouncing tunes, even one from actor / comedian Kevin Hart and his family. If the rapper maintains his momentum, fans can certainly expect new and innovative music from DaBaby for years to come.