Ubisoft Has No Plan To Make Rainbow Six Siege A F2P Game

Rainbow Six Siege’s Development team needs the sport to go based on manager Leroy Athanassoff. But, Ubisoft has stated there is”no strategy to create Rainbow Six Siege a F2P game”

We need the game to be available to everybody. But, Athanassoff cautioned that”it is a company conclusion”, therefore perhaps it doesn’t happen imminently. In addition, he explained some things about the sport would have to change — like a suitable remedy to proficient players creating new accounts so as to make the most of rank-based matchmaking — until Ubisoft can make the change:”You require certain features prepared for a nice and effective free-to-play game”

He continued:”What is important for us is that we find out when Possible that a participant is proficient.

It’s intriguing that the development team at Ubisoft Montreal (and, arguably, the auxiliary staff in Ubisoft Barcelona), needs the match to rid itself of this paid barrier to entrance.

We achieved to Ubisoft to see exactly what the firm — not only The proposition is — thought about by The development group. The studio informs us”We are seeking to continue to engage new players and keep our faithful community, but there’s presently no plan to create Rainbow Six Siege a F2P game.

The programmer also disclosed recently that it is considering Another option for Royal Siege gamers , Who don’t have any method of preventing entering matchmaking with Coordinated teams and are at a disadvantage. If such an Choice becomes implemented, it might help break Rainbow Six Siege’s brand new summit player count album, which was put this last weekend.

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